Questions we often hear

You ask, we answer!

Who are we?

The Tradewind Cycling Team, Honolulu, Hawaii is a USA Cycling sanctioned club that is sponsored by The Bike Shop. The team sponsors and participates in a wide array of events and activities for competitive road cyclists.

What do we do?

We ride every Saturday and Sunday unless there is a conflicting event. On Saturday we rotate between Town/Leeward/Windward start points & routes. Sunday is the Sunday Spin from Kapiolani to Waimanalo.

Who can ride?

Our rides are open to the public, so anyone can come as long as they follow our ride rules, are responsible for their own navigation and mechanicals. Since we are a racing team, the rides are orientated to advanced riders who either race or have in interest in racing. Rides typically self-select into two or three different ability/speed levels.

What are your ride rules?

On each of our announcements there is a list of rules at the end of the message, but simply put, SAFETY is our #1 priority.

Where do you ride?

Get on our distribution lists so you’ll get the weekly ride announcements, or check our ride and event calendar for the weekly rides and events.

How can I join?

We recommend coming out and riding and getting familiar with how we ride and how you fit into the group first. Once it looks like it is a good fit just ask and we’ll send you an application that you can fill out for the membership committee to review.